Exterior Cleaning

By using the latest Pure Ionic Hot Water System, we offer our clients a convenient hassle free service that removes all particles from the water from our taps, leaving the water we use for your windows totally streak free without the need of wiping or use of squeegees. 

Our normal house hold water is passed though our Ionic system through 7 filters removing all particals from the tap water leaving it 100 percent pure. 

Plus with the aid of the treated pure water being heated through the Ionic system the UPVC plastic on buildings it will remove dirt, mould, cobwebs, bird droppings etc, easily leaving the exterior of your building like new. 

We have eliminated need for ladders! Colours Cleaning use telescopic brushes that can reach up to 4 stories high from ground level giving our customers a more efficient service and added safety for our staff.

If you require a quote for the cleaning of Gutters, Windows, Soffits, Fascias, Doors, Conservatories, Patios, Decking, Footpaths or Drive Ways, Please contact us for friendly advice and a competitive price. 

Gutter Cleaning

Soffits, Facias, Windows & Doors


Patios, Decking, Footpaths and Driveways

and much more…